A Glimpse of light

A glimpse of light

The weather was grey, stay in bed on get up and get out? The stay bed option was to good to turn down. The weather changed so much over the last few days that I decided that today would be a chilled day. Take the dogs out. chill with my wife and catch up with the household duties. ​ We are lucky that we live so close to the New Forest, just a 5 minute drive and the dogs are loving it. Walking back through the woodlands the clouds started to part and gave way to blue skies and wispy white clouds. I was twitching. The day might be saved, I headed back, a grey cloud headed over but disappeared as fast as it had arrived. ​ I reckoned I had only an hour or two of light so grabbed my camera, tripod, one lens and a filter and headed to a spot I know well. ​ Walking through the woodlands was the quickest and easiest was to get to the location. I stopped a few times while walking through to check some possible images but nothing was really worth spending time on so headed to the old tree I know well. This was the sort of image I had wanted all week. It was one where i was checking the weather every few hours to check it was doable and I got one hour to get the shot. It's weird, but I feel I know this tree well and I have shot it in every season but t his shoot was the one I feel I have enjoyed shooting the most. ​ ​ Woodlands, New Forest Nikon D5600 27mm f7.1 / iso100 / 1/320 sec

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