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The wood for the trees

The photography that I am doing at the moment has become my go to.

It is unique, interesting, magical, and everything that I love about landscape photography.

But it wasn't always like this.

When I first moved down to the New Forest, I could not get any inspiration from the here.

My go-to was the coastlines of Dorset and the occasional holiday in Devon and Cornwall. The Forest just never gave me that spark that I wanted.

I am not saying I didn't find the place beautiful, I did I was out every week in it, but I never felt like I could get a composition unless the conditions were perfect.

Ask any landscape photographer and I reckon they will have a location that they struggle with, maybe close to home or one they have travelled to many times and have failed to get what they wanted.

It is a weird thing, I also think it depends on your preferred type of landscape I do love the coast, I always will , I also love the mountains of North Wales and even though the Forest has some beautiful coasts, it is not as mountainous or dramatic as other areas in the UK, but things can change.

When Covid struck the world, we were all trapped in a small area, if we could even get out at all.

Covid, without a doubt was dreadful, life changing, yet in some ways it changed the way you view the world for the better.

During lockdown, nature took back control. The normally busy tourist traps were peaceful and the fauna of the Forest was back to is best.

Work, for me and many others was at home which meant that time spent outdoors became extra special.

And then it got even better.

Lockdown was lifted and what previously was just a local patch, became a place to explore and enjoy even more than ever, it was almost as if something or someone had opened the gates to a hidden world.

And that was the inspiration that I needed!

The Forest was a whole new area, it felt fresh and exciting and subjects were so clear to see.

I started to go out to different parts of the Forest, places that I had not been to previously, mainly to explore, but always with my camera. The woodlands suddenly became enchanting, magical and therapeutic. It gave me a complete refocus on my photography and in a way that I had never thought of previously, and since finding the New Forest in this way, I don't want to spend long away from exploring these woodlands and finding these old trees that seem like they have been taken directly from a lord of the rings film.

Finding these hidden giants has become my adventure and my inspiration.

Walking through a misty and rainy woodland and seeing a giant, twisted Oak emerging from within the darkness has become a pretty addictive.

I am not saying I will not be traveling to other areas for my photography, but I now know that I have limitless opportunities in a location that I can never again take for granted.

I want to continue photographing the Forest for as long as possible, I want to create a book and calendar for 2024, yeah that really is next year as I want to show people how truly magical the New Forest is.

If I have said this once, I have said it a thousand times, I am very lucky to be living where I do and I know that not everyone can simply have a landscape like this on their doorstep, but if you can find a way to change your direction in your landscapes, than other options could be even more rewarding.

Stay safe,


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