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Back with a bang

5 am, It's cold, it's dark and I am happy. The day is just getting started.

Coffee on and the dark lanes of Dorset await.

There is something about setting off on a trip in the dark knowing that you are going to go to an amazing location for photography.

Dorset has always had a hold on me, It is not that far from me and I know it well.

After a recent purchase of my new Nikon, I wanted to put it through its paces in this amazing place.

The drive to Lulworth was quiet, the walk to Durdle Door was tiring, I had forgotten how much the weight of a loaded camera bag holds you back, it was worth the climb though. Walking down to the shoreline before sunrise is always a magical moment. I was by myself, just the odd Gull and the waves to break the silence.

Waiting for the sunrise there was an acceptance that dream shot of the sun breaking through the arch of Durdle Door would not happen on this occasion but, who cared. It was still amazing.

With the shoot not panning out as planned, I headed back down and tried to get to Man of War Bay.

With the footpath closed, I headed to the path on the east side which took me to the crashing waves and the chance to capture the first shot.

A simple shot was all I wanted.

After all sun flair through the arch was a just distraction, wasn't it?

After the walk back to the car park at Lulworth which always seems harder than going up, I decided to head to Swanage to shoot a shot I have shot many times but never got it the way I had wanted it.

Swanage old pier is one of the most photographed places in Dorset.

The remains of the old pier are minimal and ghost-like I love them.

So I am back. I am back doing what love and I am loving it. Early mornings, Long walks, blisters, peace, and quiet, and a camera that helps me capture what I want to portray.

Happy Days

Shot 1

Man o War Bay

Nikon D5600


f5 / iso100 / 20 sec

Shot 2

Durdle Door

Nikon D5600


f5 / iso100 / 15 sec

Shot 3

Swanage Old Pier

Nikon D5600


f7.1 / iso100 / 10 sec

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