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A Gear Post

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Well, I thought it was about time I written a blog on what I am using at the moment as I have changed a lot of gear recently and I am, for once, very satisfied with my current kit.

As many people would have noticed, I do swing between Nikon and Fuji. I love the feel of a Nikon as well as the brand but I switched to Fuji nearly a year ago and have been loving it.

It is not that I dislike Nikon, far from it in fact, I would recommend anyone wanting to get in to photography to get a Nikon DSLR, they produce amazing cameras and you can get a lot for your cash.

The photography that I do involves a lot of walking, the Nikon D810 with the lenses that accompanied me, on my travels were getting a little heavy, and as much as I love the challenge, I did feel like a lighter option would be worthwhile.

It wasn't just the lightness that made me want to change my set up, I have used the Fuji X series before and loved it, The XT range is a range of beautiful cameras that as well as style, offer superb quality images.

Going from my D810 which was 36 mega pixels to a smaller mirrorless sensor was a slight concern, but as my prints only go up to A2, I wasn't really to concerned .

After a lot of research I switched the D810 and all the lenses for a Fuji XS10, and an X-T2.

The XS10 was an X-T4 in different clothing, 26 Megapixels and a great solid camera, The X-T2 was another camera in the XT line which I loved, Having had the X-T1 several years ago, I knew this camera well and wanted this as a back up.

The lenses that I selected were the 16-80mm f4/ XF, the 10-24mm XF, and the 100-400XF, as well as the 2XTC which gives me a total range of 10 -800mm, with a slight gap at 80-100 ( I can live with that)

For the photography I do, this combination works very well, and I can cover Landscapes, Seascapes, Woodland, and Wildlife Photography very happily with these 3 lenses.

Moving on a few month, I decided that having two cameras wasn't really needed. The main reasons I wanted a back up was to let people use a camera on a workshop, or as a back up if mine needed to be serviced.

As my workshops are more on request these days and I look after my camera, I decided I would go for a upgrade to the amazing XT-5.

And this is where I am now.

The X-T5 has, so far, been incredible, As with all of the Fuji X series, the quality is amazing. it is weather sealed, which the XS10 wasn't, so it gives me a lot more confidence when I am out shooting.

The sensor is 40 Megapixels. 4 more than my D810 and the dual card slot is a massive advantage over the XS10 as well.

One thing that has impressed me the most is the battery life. Fuji have always had a slightly poor reputation for the amount of images per battery charges, this however, just keeps on going.

Recently I was shooting long and medium exposures for over an hour and the battery dropped by only 1 bar, I even used the same battery for the following day and even though I had 2 back up batteries, I didn't need it.

A few other things I like about this camera are the subject tracking and the image stabilization.

Although the subject tracking, can sometimes drop if the subject is not directly looking at you, it can be a great help when you are trying to capture a subject a few 100 meters away, yeah, it is that good.

Stabilisation is great too, I can save a few stops and go down to around 30th of a second and still get a very sharp image, although most of my images are shot on a tripod ( more on that below ) it can be useful while I am scouting for images when the conditions are a little dark.

All in all, I have say, Nikon, I love you but Fuji, you had me at X-T5.

Landscape Photography, Kit Review

Fuji X-T5

100-400mm ( at 177mm, 235mm on 35mm )

Subject tracking on.

iso 2000



Processed in RAW, via Adobe Lightroom.

Landscape Photography, Kit Review

Fuji X-T5

16-80mm ( at 17mm 26mm, on 35mm)



0.8 seconds

Processed in Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop.

Another bit of kit I am currently loving is my Tripod.

Again, like many photographers, it is hard to find a tripod that suits your needs.

After having used Manfrotto and Benro for many years, I wanted to see what else was on the market, and 3 Legged Thing stopped me in my tracks.

Although I am not over loyal to buying British, I did love the fact that these are designed in the UK.

I highly recommended them, they have an amazing range of tripods, bags and accessories, including an L-Bracket for most camera ranges, Although it is not carbon, the Corey Punks MG is a class above many tripods I have used.

The Ball Head is solid and does not drop at any point, this is an issue I have had with other brands before, I also find it very easy to clean. ( yeah, I actually clean my tripod!! )

Levels are on the Ball Head and on the plate above the legs, which makes it a great tripod for shooting panoramic images, where stitching many images together can be so frustrating when you don't have these.

The mounting plate is extremely secure, I often walk around woodlands with the Fuji and the 100-400mm lens attached to the tripod and I have never once felt that it will give.

As a personal preference, I have added additional long spikes to an an extra bit of stability, these were from a third party supplier I found on Amazon and this has really made it in to my favourite tripod ever, but you don't have to add these as the tripod comes with shorter spikes.

And they have great customer service.

I would like to point out that I am not sponsored by any of the above, but you know how to find me if you would like me to be an ambassador for your brand,......cough, cough.

Below is a list of my current kit with links to WEX Photography, again, I do not get any sponsorship or affiliate links from these guys.

So with that, me and my Fuji kit, and my 3 Legged Thing Tripod, will carrying on traveling around the South Coast, I hope you like this.

If you have anything you would like to ask, feel free, and as always, please feel free to leave a comment.

Landscape Photography, Kit Review, Fuji X-T5

Landscape Photography, Kit Review, Fuji X-T5

Landscape Photography, Kit Review, Fuji 16-80mm

Landscape Photography, Kit Review, Fuji 10-24mm

Landscape Photography, Kit Review, Fuji 100-400mm

Landscape Photography, Kit Review, Fuji 2X teleconverter

3 Legged Thing PUNKS Corey 2.0 with Airhed Neo 2.0 - Black

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