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The Weathered
  • The Weathered


    For me photography is all about capturing the mood. It’s not always about those beautiful sunsets, fluffy white clouds or sunbeams cutting through woodlands, it’s about making the most of the environment you are in. I always have a back up plan, it doesn’t always work but it sometimes works better than what the original would of been. Up at 3am this morning hopeful for a beautiful Sunrise over Old Harry was something I originally planned for, but I had the complete opposite. Yeah it make things harder, wiping your filters and camera before every press of the trigger, grey conditions to fine tune but, it was perfect. I had a few great shots today, I think this is my favourite, and my wife’s, which is a big tick ✔️ This is one of the sea stacks near Old Harry, believe it or not , these connected all the way to the Isle of Wight many, many, many years ago. See I give you facts as well as photography!!



    Delivery will take 14 working days for all UK Mainland Customers


    Prints will be professionally printed using Fuji Pearl paper and checked before posting.


    All prints are fully checked before being sent.


    Frames are not include so please ensure you check the size fits your desired frame before ordering.


    Prints can be returned if you are not totally satisfied with the finished result

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