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    For the past few weeks me and many other photographers have been on a bluebell watch. There are only a few woodlands that can produce a good coverage, and then it is the weather and composition. Some of these woodlands are secret and should remain that way so to preserve the habitats and flora that lives within them. If you are lucky enough to see woodlands like this, you should treat them with respect. When I got here I noticed patches were flattened, not by wildlife, but from people trampling them down. We need to treat these beautiful places with care and delicacy and we do not have the right to simply take it for granted.




    Delivery will take 14 working days for all UK Mainland Customers


    Prints will be professionally printed using Fuji Pearl paper and checked before posting.


    All prints are fully checked before being sent.


    Frames are not include so please ensure you check the size fits your desired frame before ordering.


    Prints can be returned if you are not totally satisfied with the finished result

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